Terms and Conditions

General delivery and sales conditions CJAYS

By placing an order you agree to our terms and conditions.

Article 1

The purchase agreement is concluded after the internet order has been confirmed by email and applies to the items mentioned in the confirmation email. Please check this email carefully for any errors.
Orders for stock items can be canceled free of charge and without giving any reason within 7 days, in accordance with the Dutch law ‘Remote purchasing’. Items specially ordered for you are excluded from cancellation.

Article 2

If the agreement is terminated through the actions or omissions of the customer, the seller will be entitled to charge the costs reasonably incurred by him to the customer under the obligation to specify these to the customer.

Offers and orders

Article 3

All offers shown on the website are valid during the period that they are shown on the website.

Article 4

Cjays cannot be bound by price quotations. All prices and product descriptions are subject to writing, printing or listing errors.

Article 5

Cjays cannot be held to its offers and orders if the customer should have understood, in terms of reasonableness and fairness and generally accepted views, that the offer or quotation or any part thereof contains an obvious mistake or clerical error.

Article 6

The prices in the mentioned offers and orders are exclusive of VAT and exclusive of shipping costs.

These are listed separately on the invoice. Shipping costs are calculated per KG.

Article 7
A composite quotation does not oblige Cjays to deliver part of the goods included in the offer or order for a corresponding part of the stated price.

Article 8
Offers or orders do not automatically apply to repeat orders.


Article 9
During the ordering process, the customer has the option to specify a desired delivery date. If it is not possible for the seller to deliver on the desired date, the seller will notify the customer without delay and offer the option to dissolve the agreement free of charge.

The seller confirms the agreed delivery date to the customer by e-mail. If delivery cannot take place on this date and also not in the following 21 days, solely due to causes that cannot be attributed to the customer, the seller will notify the customer without delay and offer the possibility to cancel the agreement free of charge. to dissolve.
In that case, any payments made will be refunded as soon as possible, but within a maximum of 14 days after notification to the customer.

Article 10
If delivery is impossible due to force majeure or another cause that cannot be attributed to the seller and is also not in his or her sphere of risk, the latter is entitled to suspend or dissolve the execution of the agreement. Force majeure includes at least: strike, riots, acts of war, theft or fire per seller or suppliers, as well as any unforeseen external cause. If the seller invokes force majeure, the customer is entitled to dissolve the agreement without further costs after setting a period for compliance of five working days, except if the cause of the force majeure lies in the customer’s risk sphere.

Article 11
Deliveries of articles take place unassembled. If delivery has been agreed, delivery will take place on the ground floor in the area immediately behind the front door, provided it is accessible without stairs or steps. If, for architectural or other reasons, the product to be delivered (e.g. a welding machine) cannot be delivered behind the front door due to the dimensions of the device, the seller is entitled to have delivery take place at the parcel designated by the customer or the delivery from the seller’s warehouse. to take place, at the discretion of the customer. If the customer wishes, delivery can take place at the location designated by the customer, provided that it is freely accessible to the device. If the customer pays the costs owed for this to the seller. If requested, the costs will be stated in writing to the customer in advance.

Article 12
The actual delivery date counts as delivery, regardless of whether installation still needs to take place.

Article 13
The seller delivers the goods to be delivered by him, unless otherwise agreed in writing, with due observance of the manufacturer’s or importer’s warranty. Said guarantee provisions are considered to form an integral part of the agreement, unless this is deviated from in writing when entering into the agreement.

Article 14
If the seller is unable to deliver the purchased product, for example because the article has been withdrawn from the market, he will notify the buyer. This gives the buyer the right to cancel the purchase.

Article 15
With regard to delivered goods, the customer must check the delivered goods as soon as possible and in any case within ten working days after receipt for any defects or defects. Complaints based on not functioning properly or. existing defects in the goods delivered must be reported to the seller in writing within ten working days after they have been discovered, failing which the right to complain will be deemed to have lapsed. Damage to the packaging must be reported to the deliverer and have him noted on the consignment note.

Article 16
The customer is obliged to purchase the agreed product at the time when it is made available or handed over to him.

a. If delivery has been agreed and the customer is not present on the agreed day and delivery address or is negligent in providing information or instructions necessary for the delivery, the agreed product will be offered again in consultation. The agreed price is increased by 30 euros, these extra costs must be paid in cash upon delivery.

b. If the customer refuses the agreed product, or part of it, upon delivery for a reason other than as referred to in paragraph 16 sub c of this article, the customer owes 15% cancellation costs of the agreed total price.

c. Customer has the right to refuse the product when it:
– is presented damaged,
– is not in accordance with the agreed product.

Article 17
If delivery has been agreed and the order consisting of several parts cannot be delivered at once, one of the following options will be chosen in consultation with the customer:

– a new delivery date is agreed in which all parts of the order are delivered,
– the deliverable part is delivered, the part that cannot be delivered immediately is removed from the agreement, the package discount, if applicable to the part that cannot be delivered immediately, is canceled,
– the deliverable parts are delivered, the parts that are not immediately deliverable are delivered afterwards,
– the agreement will be dissolved free of charge.

Payment / prices

Article 18
All orders must be paid in advance by Ideal / Credit card / Paypal / Bank or Cash,
or agreed in writing, with both approval in payment of 60-90 days.

The prices charged by the seller will be maintained, unless there are obvious printing errors, mistakes or price changes imposed in the meantime. The seller is at all times entitled to pass on price increases or levies imposed by the government. With regard to repairs, the seller will be entitled, if the customer has not fully complied with all payment obligations, to suspend the delivery of processed or repaired goods.

Not happy, money back

Article 19
If the goods delivered by us are damaged or not in accordance with the ordered type (s), the equipment will be returned by us free of charge, provided it is unused and in the original, undamaged packaging. You must report any damage within 24 hours of delivery. We will refund the full purchase amount if it appears within 7 days of delivery that the products are not good or are different from the products ordered. You can also request us to repair, replace or deliver the missing item.


Article 22
All disputes will be settled by the normal competent Dutch court under application of Dutch law, unless the parties agree in writing in advance to have the dispute settled by a disputes committee.


Article 23

We only supply the original manufacturer’s warranty on new products.

Used welding equipment is warranted by the seller for a period of three months from the date on which the item was delivered to the buyer.
The warranty for a used welding machine applies only to the buyer and not to successive assigns.
The warranty for the used welding machine covers both the repair of defects that were not perceptible to the buyer at the time of purchase, as well as the repair of defects that have arisen during normal use during the warranty period.
The buyer cannot derive any right to compensation.
The warranty does not cover wearing parts, welding torches and accessories, normal wear and tear, defects resulting from intent, incorrect or improper use, defects due to shock or a fall, weather influences and repairs and modifications not carried out by the seller or its written consent .
Any damage that is caused is first repaired by Cjays welding technique, the repair period is (with possible exception *) one week after the defect has occurred.
* With the exception is meant that parts etc. have / will be ordered.