3M Cubitron II Cut-Off Wheels

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3M Cubitron II Cut-off wheels in various sizes.

The cut-off wheels are packed per 25 pieces.

This product is not standard in stock, therefore we have a longer delivery time.



3M Cubitron II cut-off wheels

That the 3M Cubitron II cut-off wheels are a revolution in the grinding process is now well known.
They grind faster and last longer than conventional discs.
The 1 mm and 1.6 mm 3M Cubitron II cut-off wheels have now been further developed and improved.
The “reworked” discs provide a more consistent performance and last 25% longer than the previous Cubitron disc.

Cubitron ll abrasives guarantee:

– Less operator fatigue
– Material that stays sharp longer
– Faster grinding
– Higher productivity
– Less pressure required
– Less dust

Additional information

Cubitron II Schijven

Ø125×1,0×22,23 T41 (Per 25), Ø125×1,6×22,23 T41 (Per 25), Ø125×2,0×22,23 T41 (Per 25)


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