3M Speedglas G5-01

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The new 3M Speedglas G5-01 automatic welding helmet. The large (104x170 mm) clear visor is curved, providing excellent up, down and all-round visibility.

For more control over your comfort, the innovative G5-01 helmet system allows you to direct the airflow to your face, visor or anywhere in between. Reconfigure your helmet using our many additional accessories to have the right coverage for your head, neck and shoulders.

With the right type of filter, the Adflo respiratory system effectively protects you from both particles and gases - all in one system. The slim profile and ergonomic design makes it even lighter and easier to work in tight spaces.

The 3M Speedglas G5-01 welding helmet is available with two different welding filters:

Speedglas Welding Filter G5-01VC
Variable dark shade 5, 8-14 and variable dark shade (for shades 8-14). For most types of arc welding.

Speedglas Welding Filter G5-01TW
Variable dark shade 5, 8-13 and comfort mode for tack welding. For most types of arc welding.

3M Speedglas G5-01 Welding Helmet VC/TW

Available in different models:

Speedglas G5-01VC Adflo with welding filter + Starter Kit
Speedglas G5-01VC Adflo with Welding Filter
Speedglas G5-01TW Adflo with weld filter + Starterkit
Speedglas G5-01TW Adflo with weld filter

The starter kit consists of:

3 types of sweatband: Soft cotton, terry cloth and leather.
2 Inner protection screens and 4 standard outer protection screens.
1 Clear spare visor plate.
A spare face seal.

VC Filter:
Adjustable dark colours 5 and 8 - 13.
Adhesive welding mode.

TW Filter:
Adjustable dark colours 5 and 8 - 14.
Variable Colour Technology.

If you have any questions, or are interested in the 3M Speedglas G5-01 Welding Helmet, please contact us and we will check which model suits you best.

Watch the video for more information on the 3M Speedglas G5-01 Welding Helmet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlBgG6LsiE4

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G5-01TW, G5-01TW + Starterskit, G5-01VC, G5-01VC + Starterskit


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