BULK – SR17-18-26 Onderdelen Per 10/100

 8,70 406,00

BULK - SR17-18-26 Tig Onderdelen

Per 10 of per 100 Stuks

Onderdelen voor de Type SR17-18-26 Tig toortsen voor Staal, RVS en Aluminium.

Staal en Aluminium: Klemnippelhouder.
RVS: Gaslens.

Additional information

Bulk SR17-18-26

Gaslens 1,6mm Per 10, Gaslens 1,6mm Per 100, Gaslens 2,4mm Per 10, Gaslens 2,4mm Per 100, Gaslens 3,2mm Per 10, Gaslens 3,2mm Per 100, Isolatiering Gaslens Per 100, Isolatiering Klemnippelhouder Per 100, Klemnippel 1,0mm Per 10, Klemnippel 1,0mm Per 100, Klemnippel 1,6mm Per 10, Klemnippel 1,6mm Per 100, Klemnippel 2,4mm Per 10, Klemnippel 2,4mm Per 100, Klemnippel 3,2mm Per 10, Klemnippel 3,2mm Per 100, Klemnippelhouder 1,0mm Per 10, Klemnippelhouder 1,0mm Per 100, Klemnippelhouder 1,6mm Per 10, Klemnippelhouder 1,6mm Per 100, Klemnippelhouder 2,4mm Per 10, Klemnippelhouder 2,4mm Per 100, Klemnippelhouder 3,2mm Per 10, Klemnippelhouder 3,2mm Per 100, Toorts kap Kort Per 100, Toorts kap Lang Per 100, Toorts kap Middel Per 100


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