Cebora Mig Mono Star 1620M Inc. Accessories & Upgrade


Inc. Accessories & Upgrade

Standard scope of delivery for the accessory set:
Welding torch
0.8 millimetre SG-2 welding wire (5 kg)
Welding gloves
Welding helmet
Anti-spatter spray
Mobile base frame
Standard programs SG-2 0,6 and 0,8 mm and gas-filled 0,9 mm are supplied. Upgrade of the Cebora Monostar 1620/M, synergetic programs for welding: Stainless steel (0.8mm welding wire), aluminium (1.0mm welding wire AlMg and AlSi) and CuSi

Caution: This is NOT a pulse machine!

This portable, lightweight MIG inverter of only 11 kg combines power with simplicity. Powerful due to its high power at only 230 Volt, simple due to its fully synergic operation. By using literally 1 button, the machine can be adjusted perfectly for all your welding tasks. The OLED screen displays the most important parameters at a glance, such as wire diameter and shielding gas, amperage and sheet thickness, voltage and wire speed. The welding characteristics are, as you expect from Cebora, the best in its class. In addition to the standard steel range, brazing (CuSi3), aluminium and stainless steel are available as options. The machine is equipped with a sturdy 2-roll drive, euro connector for very easy mounting and dismounting of the welding torch and ground cable with clamp. This machine is equipped with Cebora's PFC module (Power Factor Correction) according to standard IEC/EN 61000-3-12. This ensures less power consumption, higher efficiency, more power and higher switch-on time. In short: energy-efficient green equipment!

The machine is supplied as standard with an air-cooled ground cable of 16 mm² and a ground clamp.


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