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PRO25 Option 1: Mig torch without Up-Down control
PRO25 Option 2: Mig torch with Up-Down control
PRO25 Option 3: Mig torch with Up-Down control and OLED display


An affordable welding machine for ALL welding jobs.

The XTM 211Di is available exclusively at select STAR dealers.

An all-rounder.
We can’t describe the Parweld XTM211Di better.
A device that allows welding of: MMA AC/DC, MIG, TIG AC/DC with lift TIG and HF.

With 1 push of the torch button you can switch between MIG and TIG welding and thanks to the memory function you have 9 storage channels for your welding programs.
The user interface in Dutch ensures that you can quickly and easily set up the welding machine with a minimum of process knowledge.

What can you expect from the XTM 211Di?

  • MMA AC/DC, MIG, TIG AC/DC with lift tig and HF
  • Duo voltage 1 x 110/240V (smart switching)
  • Suitable for 5kg (200mm) and 15kg (300mm) rolls of MIG welding wire
  • Ideal for welding steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Switch between MIG and TIG welding with one push of the torch trigger.
  • The machine uses automatic polarity switching.
  • It is not necessary to change the connections on the front of the machine.

The machine has 2 connection points for gas bottles.
This way you don’t have to change the gas for MIG or TIG welding.

  • Large, high-quality color screen with easy-to-follow digital interface in multiple languages (including: Dutch, French, English & Swedish).
  • Memory function: 9 channels for saving welding programs
  • Thermally controlled fan
  • Bluetooth function
  • MIG welding from 0.9mm thin material
  • Pulse TIG function for superior arc control
  • Possibility of MIG welding torch with remote control that allows parameters to be controlled directly from the torch (with or without display).

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