MicorMIG Pulse 300

Low-spatter welding thanks to a stable and controllable pulsed arc.
Control concepts: BasicPlus, ControlPro
25 - 300 A
ED 60 % at 40°C: 250 A
Weldable wires pulsed steel: 0.6- 1.2 mm Ø

Spatter arm pulsed welding.
Thanks to the stable and very well controllable pulsed arc you save on rework and have time for other tasks. With the pulsed process, low-spatter welding without intensive post-processing is guaranteed over the entire synergy characteristic.

MicorBoost technology for perfect welding results.
The innovative and patented MicorBoost technology ensures maximum power and voltage reserves in the arc. This ensures optimal welding properties for all sheet metal and medium-heavy steel work, both with mixed gas and under CO2. It gives excellent welding results with steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

EN1090-compliant + NFC technology.
Welding according to EN1090 is easy with the supplied WPS booklet. This saves you time-consuming and cost-intensive individual checks of your welding results. The booklet contains independently certified welding instructions for all relevant standard welding processes. With the MicorMIG series, the parameter sets are also easily available by NFC Job Card.

Future-proof with upgrade option.
Always exactly the functionality you need: Thanks to NFC functionality, MicorMIG Pulse series welding machines are fully upgradable. This means that you can always retrofit additional welding processes, welding programs and work lightening functions with NFC cards - offline and without external support.

Perfect quality assurance thanks to authorization concept.
Thanks to the NFC technology, it is also possible to build up a personalised authorization system for operating the welding machine. With the MicorMIG Pulse, NFC authorisation cards ensure that only selected welders can adjust the relevant parameters. A temporary block for the free evening also prevents unauthorised work with the device.

Excellent price-performance ratio.
The MicorMIG Pulse - your easy transition to a continuously adjustable welding system. Benefit from the optimal welding properties of the MicorMIG Pulse at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Energy efficient technology.
The Lorch MicorMIG Pulse combines robust power with efficient inverter technology and stand-by functionality. In this way you can reduce your costs and achieve a perfect welding result at the same time. Transformers are a thing of the past.


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