Lorch MicorTig 200

Lorch MicorTig 200

The power packages for mobile TIG welding.
Control concepts: BasicPlus, ControlPro
5 – 200 A
ED 60 % at 40°C: 150 A
Steel/RVS: up to 10 mm

Lorch MicorTig 200
Intuitive operation.

Thanks to the ampere-accurate digital display and clearly structured control panel, intuitive and at the same time very precise operation is possible. Also available as an option: operating concept via graphic display.

Contactless HF ignition on the battery.

TIG ignition takes place contactless with high-voltage pulses at the touch of a button - even on the battery. Since the tungsten electrode has no contact with the workpiece, no inclusions are created in the weld seam and the electrode is spared. The ignition characteristics of the MicorTIG series on the battery pack MobilePower are unique on the market.

Pulsed and fast-pulsed welding up to 5 kHz.

The integrated pulsed and fast-pulsed welding function up to 5 kHz is particularly suitable for the processing of thin welding plates. It ensures excellent control of the weld pool and perfect results even with difficult welding tasks.

Job memory for up to 10 welding jobs.

The job function saves the parameters of up to 10 welding jobs and can be called up quickly as required. Recurring tasks are thus performed quickly and efficiently.

Perfect for electrode welding.

MicorTIG welding units from Lorch are suitable for all electrode types and offer comfortable preselection for CEL and standard electrodes. Even special electrodes are no problem. During welding the Air-force regulation becomes active and ensures stability of the arc and the perfect material transition. The anti-stick system prevents sticking or overheating of the electrode.

With MicorBoost technology - up to 200 A from the socket.

The patented MicorBoost technology provides enormous voltage reserves and controls the TIG arc in an exceptionally stable, controllable and precise way - even with fluctuating mains voltages. It allows up to 200 amps to be welded from a normal power outlet.


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