Lorch S3 Mobile Speedpulse XT

With the Lorch S3 mobile Pulse XT you weld in accordance with EN 1090 thanks to synergic control and automatic setting. In combination with the additionally available Lorch EN 1090 benefit package you are equipped for all welding tasks.

Each Lorch S series welding machine can be freely configured to optimally suit your welding tasks.

Available in:

S3 Mobile SpeedPulse XT.
S3 Mobile SpeedPulse XT Full Process.
Air-cooled, including 4 metres ML 3800 Powermaster welding torch.
Water-cooled, including 4 metres MW 5500 Powermaster torch and welding trolley.

Lorch S3 Mobile SpeedPulse XT

The dynamic control for the first time allows the arc to be flexibly adjusted to the different tasks, welding positions and individual preferences of the welder, also for pulse systems. The arc characteristic can be adjusted directly from hard to soft via a controller.

Since the Lorch S3 mobile Pulse XT with its trolley wheel set is both portable and mobile, you always remain flexible.

With the optional Lorch speed upgrades (full process) SpeedUp, SpeedRoot and SpeedCold as well as the standard SpeedPulse, SpeedPulse XT, SpeedTwinPulse, TwinPulse XT, SpeedArc and SpeedArc XT you can now weld even faster.

State-of-the-art processor technology ensures optimal interaction of all parameters and components involved in the welding process. Hereby absolute top values in duty cycle and maximum productivity are achieved.

The Lorch S3 mobile Pulse XT welds with Argon-CO₂-mixed gas as well as with 100% CO₂ and is therefore very suitable for international use.

Welding range (in A) 25-320
ID 100% 40˚C (in A) 250
ID 60% 40˚C (in A) 280
ID at max. current 40˚C (in %) 40%
Mains fuse (in A) 16
Weight (in kg) 34

Additional information

*S3 extra opties

Full Process, Laswagen, Watergekoeld

Pocket Pulse 1820M

Groot voor BE flessen, Groot voor NL flessen, Normaal voor NL flessen


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