Lorch T220 DC – AC/DC

Lorch T 220 Ac/Dc

Mobile TIG welding performance of excellent quality.
Operating concepts: BasicPlus, ControlPro
3 – 220 A
ED 60 % at 40°C: 180 A
DC and AC/DC version available

Lorch T220 AC/DC

Perfect aluminium welding thanks to the AC version.
Aluminium TIG welding requires alternating current (AC). Since aluminium is a very good heat conductor, each millimetre of material thickness requires more current. Material thicknesses of much more than 8 mm are no problem for the T 220 welding machines. In addition, the current form in AC mode is optimised for maximum stability, very good cleaning effect of the aluminium oxide skin and reduced noise. The integrated technology of the hemispherical system additionally ensures perfect shaping of the arc.

Increased welding quality thanks to MACS.
The Lorch MACS process (ModulatedACSystem) increases the welding quality by a targeted heat input. MACS ensures excellent results especially when joining different material thicknesses.

Mobility on assembly.
The T 220 is so compact that it fits into the optional assembly trolley together with your TIG equipment. You can safely carry the equipment, including cables, tools, helmet and glove, in the case behind you.

Pulsed and fast pulsed welding up to 2 kHz.
The integrated pulsed and fast pulsed welding function up to 2 kHz is particularly suitable for the processing of thin welding plates. It ensures excellent control of the weld pool and perfect results - even in difficult welding tasks.

Energy efficiency at full power.
The T 220 from Lorch is equipped with state-of-the-art power electronics with stand-by function. In this way you can reduce your costs and obtain perfect welding results at the same time.

With hardly more than 13 kg the T 220 is perfectly equipped for mobile use. The special crash protection protects the housing from falls up to 60 cm. The standard protective cover of the control panel and the integrated dust filter guarantee robustness and durability - even in tough mounting applications.

Country-specific product variants.
Country-specific product variations are available for this Lorch welding device. These may differ in mains power supply, mains plug or other product features which are necessary for the country.


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