Lorch V24 AC/DC Watercooled

Lorch V24 AC/DC

Heavy-duty TIG welding for professionals.
Operating concepts: V-standard
3 – 240 A
ED 60 % at 40°C: 240 A (DC) / 230 A (AC)
DC and AC/DC version available

Lorch V24 AC/DC Water-cooled
Stable arc - with DC and AC.

The V 24 series is available in all power ratings as DC and AC/DC version. The V 24 series is characterised by a very stable arc. When welding with AC, the current form is optimised both for a very good cleaning effect of aluminium oxide skin and for reduced noise. The AC/DC variant also has an automatic system with a semi-spherical cap. Thanks to the rectangular current, the V 24 series excels with more thrust and maximum arc stability when welding aluminium.

Robust and safe: The housing of the V 24 series.

The high end technology inside the V 24 Series is protected by a robust industrial metal housing - ideal for outdoor applications. The fully loadable handles allow the power source to be suspended from the tap and also serve as a holder for the hose package. The dual control of the gas cylinder ensures maximum safety in the production environment.

Pulsed and fast pulsed welding up to 20 kHz.

The integrated pulsed and fast pulsed welding function up to 20 kHz is very suitable for the processing of thin welding plates. It also ensures excellent control of the weld pool and guarantees perfect results - even for difficult welding tasks.

Optimal parameters with SmartBase.

Thanks to the SmartBase technology, the arc is always perfectly matched to your chosen electrode. Welding parameters, ignition and working range are ideally adjusted automatically. For optimal freedom, you can fine-tune the arc individually. In this way, you are guaranteed to weld with the arc that is optimal for you.

Energy efficiency at full power.

The integrated standby function automatically switches individual components on and off. The thermal control sensors detect the temperature of the system and control the fan as required. This reduces fan noise and dust in the interior of the machine and also saves energy.

Country-specific product variants.

Country-specific product variations are available for this Lorch welding machine.  These may differ in mains power supply, mains plug or other product features which are necessary for the country.


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