MG3 (SG3) 5KG & 15KG Steel Welding Wire

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MG3 5KG & 15KG welding wire

The difference between the MG2 welding wire and the MG3 welding wire is the higher notch value. The mechanical properties of the MG3 welding wire make it stronger than the MG2 welding wire. Due to this, the end result of MG3 5KG & 15KG welding wire is of higher quality. However, during welding you will not notice any difference between these two types of welding wire.

MG3 welding wire can be used for welding unalloyed and low alloyed steels.

MG2: suitable for steels up to a quality of S420 or X42
MG3: suitable for steels up to and including S460 or S460M (L) quality.

Additional information

MG3 Lasdraad

15KG 0,8MM, 15KG 1,0MM, 5KG 0,8MM, 5KG 1,0MM


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