Migatronic Automig 223

Built-in benefits

A stable wire feed is important for the quality of MIG/MAG welding and Automig is therefore equipped with a mechanical reel brake and an electronic brake in the wire feed motor.
Characteristic of Automig is its perfect arc ignition every time and its unique welding characteristics when using CO2 or mixed gases.
In addition, the machine is equipped with short-circuit protection to protect the rectifier and thermal protection to prevent overloading of the transformer.


Migatronic Automig 223

Step-controlled MIG/MAG machines for automotive, commercial and industrial use
Professional and proven machines.
The first welding machine that Migatronic delivered to a car workshop in 1970 was developed and produced according to the specific requirements of the mechanics regarding the robustness and user-friendliness of the machine.
It has been like that ever since.
Migatronic’s Automig machines are still going strong: the machines are robust and reliable workhorses for quality welding in automotive, commercial and industrial applications.

User-friendly design

The Automig series consists of 3 different models, all designed with a user-friendly housing and large swivel front wheels, allowing the welding machine to be driven easily over obstacles on the shop floor.


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