Migatronic Focus Tig 200 AC/DC

Primary voltage: 230
Fuse rating (A): 16
Secondary current (A): 6-200
Rated welding current: 190A/@60% . 160A/@100%
Processes: HF & Lift TIG AC/DC, TIG Pulse Electrode
Insulation/Protection Class: IP23C/H
Weight: (kg): 13.5 (kg): 13.5
Dimensions HxWxD (mm): 250x180x470

Warranty: 2 years .

Migatrinoc Focus Tig 200 AC/DC

FOCUS TIG 200 AC/DC offers you three machines in one, with TIG welding of all materials including aluminium.
The TIG pulse function gives you better control of the weld pool.
HF/ LIFTIG enables ignition with or without high frequency.
MMA is included and makes it possible to weld with most types of electrodes.
The FOCUS TIG 200 AC/DC is of course equipped with the MIGA Super Blue tungsten electrode which can be used for all types of metals.


TIG Ergo 201 4-metre 7P
3 metre ground cable
carry handle
16 A Schuko plug


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