Miller Dynasty 210DX AC/DC

Miller Dynasty 210 DX AC/DC – Cjays Welding Equipment

The Miller Dynasty 210 DX AC/DC is the machine to take on location all over the world.
The Dynasty can work on different voltages, without getting an unstable arc.
The machine can handle voltages from 110V to 400V. This makes it a suitable machine for on location/aggregates.

This machine is suitable for the Aerospace, Racing/Adjustment/Restoration, Construction, DIY/Hobbyist, Farm and Ranch, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Production, Metal Art/Sculptures, Railcar, Shipbuilding Boat/Yacht, and High-Purity Processing.

The Dynasty 210 has a maximum amperage of 210, and a duty cycle of 210A @ 60%.

It weighs 22.7KG as a separate power source.

For this machine, several other options are available, such as:

Water cooler, Wireless remote control, Foot pedal, Undercarriage and more.

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