Miller MigMatic® 300iP (Double)Pulse

Miller MigMatic® 300iP Pulse

THE 300 Amp pulse mig from Miler, you can’t buy better.

This machine is known for its robustness and solidity, so it can be used for all welding jobs, no matter in what conditions.
It has been tested for the toughest welding jobs and under the harshest conditions.

The advanced LCD display, with two large rotary knobs, allows you to easily and conveniently set the welding parameters.

300 Ampere @ 35% duty cycle
400V 3 Phase
Gas cooled

The machine comes standard with Type 360 TBi 3 Meter torch, 3 meter ground cable and 1.0-1.2mm wire feed rollers.

This machine is not standard in stock.


The Miller MigMatic® 300iP (Dual) Pulse is a compact pulse MIG welder with a robust drive mechanism that ensures consistent and accurate wire feed regardless of your wire choice. Modern Pulse MIG welding programs make the machine ideal for welding aluminum and for thin sheet metal in steel and stainless steel. The user interface is intuitive and quick to set up. Excellent welding performance in no time.

Program call via torch switch
Select up to 4 preset programs via the torch switch (with any standard MIG welding torch) for fast switching between welding programs and higher productivity when welding complex workpieces.

A robust wire feed system
The flexible 4-roll wire feed system guarantees trouble-free wire feeding.

The energy-efficient Fan-On-Demand™ cooling system operates only when needed, reducing ambient noise and the amount of dust and debris entering the machine.

Fully pre-programmed Synergic Pulse Settings
Synergic lines for all common wire/gas combinations with preset start/stop parameters for optimal welding.


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