Neutrix Tungsten Grinder + Case


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Neutrix Tungsten Grinder + Case

This tungsten electrode grinder is perfect for grinding all common types of tungsten electrodes. The Neutrix is available as a 230V machine and as a cordless battery machine. The Neutrix is a compact, portable tungsten electrode grinder, designed for use in workshops and on location. The machine is easy to operate and gives you the assurance of a centrally positioned, well-sharpened electrode tip. The Neutrix is the first tungsten grinder that captures the hazardous substances with an integrated filter system.

Electrode size: Ø 0.8 - 4.0 mm
Min. length: 19 mm standard (15 mm with special electrode pliers)
Angles: 15° - 180° point angle (7.5° -90° grinding angle)
Motor: 110V 50 / 60Hz, 220V - 50 / 60Hz
Output power: 650 W
Weight: 2.8 kg
Speed: 22,000 - 28,000 rpm
Cutting speed: 28 - 50 m/sec


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