Optrel E684 Welding Helmet



The e684 adjusts itself to the light intensity fully automatically. A sensor in the welding helmet measures the strength of the welding arc, after which the ADF cartridge automatically adjusts itself to the light intensity.

In conventional, semi-automatic welding helmets, the welder adjusts the helmet to the light intensity of the welding arc, which is sometimes not possible, reducing the welder's concentration and the end result.
In addition, the e684 has a 1/1/1 ADF cartridge, which features patented Twilight Technology so that the cartridge does not return to the neutral position all at once, but gradually (the welder's eyes become less tired).
This superior cassette is also angle-independent. From any angle, the welder has a sharp, true-colour view of the workpiece.
The comfortable helmet shell reflects 23% more heat than uncoated welding helmets.


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