Parweld XR940A

The latest Parweld XR940A air purifying welding helmet is compact and easy to use (one-button operation).
Because the welding helmet is a complete package, you can get started right away.

The extra shoulder straps, together with the light unit, ensure that the weight is well distributed on the back. The extra shoulder straps, together with the light weight unit, distribute the weight well over the back, reducing back complaints and making the helmet pleasant to use.

The unit warns with alarms (both audible and visible) of low airflow, a blocked filter or a flat battery.

The effort required to breathe in smoky environments is reduced by the supply of clean air. No matter whether the helmet is used in a sitting or lying position, there will be no impairment of the airflow delivered.
The electronic system ensures a constant flow of at least 170 nl/min.

The operating time with a fully charged battery is 11 hours at low settings and 9 hours at high settings.

The adjustable headband with improved supports distributes the weight of the helmet better over the head.

The Parweld XR940A is equipped with a P3 main filter coupled with a carbon odour filter and a stainless steel spark arrester.
The service life of the filters depends on the working environment. When worn out, all filters can be replaced separately and quickly.

The unit is not suitable for use in areas where there is no oxygen supply or where there is a risk of toxic gas/vapour formation.

Filter applications TH3P filter:
Metal grinding and cutting applications
Welding of aluminium by MIG or TIG
Welding of stainless steel by MIG or TIG
Welding of steel by MMA, MIG or TIG
Welding of galvanised steel by MIG or TIG

The XR940A is always supplied complete with:

XR1002 automatic welding helmet

PAPR unit (including filters and rechargeable battery)

Universal charger for battery

1 extra inner- and outer screen

Handy carrying bag

2 Year warranty on the unit (without battery) and on the cartridge of the XR937H welding helmet

Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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