Parweld XR950H


Parweld XR950H

Parweld XR950A Powered Air Purifying Welding Helmet is easy to operate and provides continuous respiratory protection during welding operations. Thanks to the unit in combination with the latest "FLIP UP" welding helmet from Parweld, you get an extremely wide grinding visor.

Both the NEW XR950A with flip up filter and the XR940A with large viewing window can be combined with the XR1003 air purifying unit. Decide for yourself which welding helmet you wish to receive with the unit.

The ADF filter folds up inside the welding helmet as soon as you want to use the welding helmet for grinding work. The filter can be adjusted via one click on the outside of the helmet. An important advantage is that grinding dust and glitter have no chance to penetrate inside the welding helmet during grinding work. This keeps the ADF filter clean and protected against dust and dirt.

The blower unit is easy to operate with one button. In case of a low battery status, blocked particle filter or too low airflow, the unit indicates this via 3 signals. For example, an alarm will sound, the unit will start to vibrate and the LED lamps will light up. This will give you enough time to safely exit the room.

The electronic control system guarantees the pre-set airflow during the welding work. Even when lying or sitting when wearing the welding helmet, the airflow will not be obstructed.

The user interface of the air purifying unit displays important operating information (fan speed, air flow, battery and filter).

Lightweight lithium batteries provide long life and guarantee full shift work (when fully charged & new battery). The battery and filter can be easily replaced within seconds.

NEW XR950A Welding and grinding helmet with flip up filter

  • ADF filter flips up into the helmet for a clear view during welding preparations and grinding work.
  • Wide field of view
  • Automatic blackout
  • true color lens
  • ADF filter has exceptional clarity and optical quality of 1/1/1/1 EN 379
  • Variable darkening from DIN 4 to 13
  • 4 Reaction eyes
  • Variable sensitivity
  • Automatic on/off
  • Replaceable battery with test function
  • Front splash guard with high impact protection (1B impact class)
  • Adjustable headband in multiple adjustment and incline positions for a perfect fit
  • Lightweight and ergonomically balanced for more comfort.
  • Optical glasses optionally available (+1.00, +1.50, + 2.00, + 2.50, +3.00)


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