Parweld XTM221 Di 5-in-1


Always the right welding machine at hand. Can be used anywhere and with the greatest ease of use.






General specifications

With 1 push of the torch button, it is possible to switch between MIG, TIG welding and plasma cutting.
The XTM221Di has 3 connection points at the back for the required gas bottle and/or compressed air.
Operates on a 110 / 240V power supply.
Automatic polarity switching. No need to change the connection at the front of the machine.
Large high-quality colour display with digital interface in several languages (Dutch, French & English)
Memory function for storing welding programmes.
Thermally controlled fan.

MIG welding

The unit can be set to either MIG synergic or MIG manual.
Welding of steel, stainless steel and aluminium is possible.
4-wheel drive for stable feeding of the welding rod.
MIG welding from 0.9mm thin material.
Welding wire diameter: 0.6mm – 0.8mm – 0.9mm – 1.0mm.
Welding coil of 5kg or 15kg can be fitted.
Possibility of MIG welding torch with remote control allowing parameters to be controlled directly from the torch (with or without display).

TIG welding

The XTM221Di can be used for both DC, and AC welding with lift tig & HF.
Pulse TIG function for superior arc control.
Option between manual setting or auto setting.
Welding steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
Optional current control on torch with PRO3MS (up/down) switching system.
Optional foot pedal.

Plasma cutting

Separate quick coupling at the back of the machine for connection of compressed air.
Plasma functions: standard cutting, perforated plate cutting and gouging.
Cuts in production 12mm and occasionally 20mm.
Possible plasma torches: XT4000 – 6 metres or Hypertherm® 70 – 6 metres torch.
Duty cycle 40A @ 30%, 28A @ 60%, 22A @ 100%.


4 Metre Mig Torch
4 Metre Tig Torch
6 Metre XT4000 Plasma Torch
3 Gas hoses (Mig, Tig & Plasma)
2 Drive rolls: 0.8 – 1.0 MM for steel/ stainless steel
English & Dutch Online Manual
CE Certificate

Technical Information
Parameter Value
Machine Type Inverter MIG/TIG/MMA
Plasma cutter
Weld spool 300mm (15kg), 200mm (5kg)
Wire feeder 4 Roll
Wire thickness 0.6 - 0.8 - 0.9 - 1.0mm
Primary voltage 110V / 230V
Maximum Amperage 200A (1 x 230V)
Fuse 16A T (230V) - 32A T (110V)
Plasma programs Standard cutting
Cutting of perforaded plate
Cuts in producton 12mm
Cuts occasionaly 20mm
KVA 3.7
Generator size 7 KVA
Insolation IP23S
Size (mm) 615 x 275 x 495
Weight (kg) 27.8
DC - 240V AC - 240V
 40°C - 10 min
MIG 200A @ 30%
140A @ 60%
110A @ 100%
TIG 200A @ 25%
130A @ 60%
100A @ 100%
200A @ 30%
140A @ 60%
110A @ 100%
PLASMA 40A @ 30%
28A @ 60%
22A @ 100%
MMA 200A @ 30%
140A @ 60%
100A @ 100%
200A @ 25%
130A @ 60%
100A @ 100%


Through the process selection, make your choice from:

MIG SYN: Synergic MIG welding with simple and fast setup
MIG MAN: manual setting MIG welding
TIG welding: AC & DC
MMA welding: 60xx & 70xx
Plasma cutting