Parweld XTM256i


Parweld XTM256i

250 Amp
380 Volt

4 Roller driven
2/4 stroke
Adjustable burnback time
Digital display
Steplessly adjustable
Electrode option

Including a 4-metre type 250 welding torch and ground cable.
With this machine you can weld steel and stainless steel.


Professional MIG welding machine with Lift TIG and MMA

MIG synergic and manual
Lift TIG

The XTM256I operates on 400V three-phase at 50/60Hz.

Power consumption 250A@35%, 165A@60% and 130A@100% with a 16A T fuse.

A compact welding machine on a handy stand with bottle holder and storage drawer. Easy to move from job to job.

Ideal for:

Industrial manufacturing
Metal production
Sheet metal work

General characteristics

Thanks to the stable DC output you are assured of excellent welding characteristics.

The XTM256I can be operated in MIG synergic or manual mode with or without gas.

Synergic control makes the machine quick and easy to set up. Select the wire diameter, material type and set the welding current to the desired level. The welding voltage and wire speed are automatically adjusted by the machine.

In manual mode (MIG manual), you set the parameters entirely yourself.

Welding rods of 15kg (D300) and 5kg (D200) can be mounted on the machine.

You can select the diameter of the welding wire via the selection button at the front. Choice of 0.6mm – 0.8mm – 0.9mm – 1.0mm – 1.2mm diameter welding wire.

Welding of Iron (Fe), Aluminium (Al) and Stainless Steel (Ss) is possible.

If you wish to weld with cored wire (without shielding gas), you can simply reverse the polarity inside the machine.

There is a 2 stroke / 4 stroke function available.
When welding 2-stroke, press the torch button to start the welding, when releasing the button the welding will stop.

When welding 4-stroke, press the torch button to start welding, if you release the button, the welding arc will be maintained. Pressing the torch switch again will stop welding. This function is particularly useful if you need to weld longer lengths in one go.

Welding current 250A DC
Voltage MIG 14.5 – 26.5V
TIG 10.4 – 20.0V
MMA 20.4 – 30.0V
Coil size 300mm (15kg)
200mm (5kg)
Wire feed 4 Roll drive
Wire Thickness 0.6mm – 1.2mm
Inrush current 250A @ 35%
165A @ 60%
130A @ 100%
Primary voltage 3x 400V – 50/60Hz
Mains fuse 16A T
KVA 11.6
Generator Size 13 KVA
Insulation Class IP23S
Dimensions (mm) 660 (L) x 280 (W) x 500 (H)
Weight (kg) 23 (single machine)

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