Parweld XTS 204


The XTS 204MMA operates on 230V mono-phase (standard house/garden plug), at 50/60Hz.

Duty cycle 200A @ 25%, 120A @ 60% and 100A @100%, with a 20A T fuse.

The unit is a compact and portable model with carrying handle that weighs only 4.8kg.

Ideal for:

Light industrial production
Metal production
Maintenance and repair

Parweld XTS 204

The Parweld XTS 204 MMA is a compact and reliable welding unit thanks to the latest technology. Ideal for everyday applications (including welding: stairs, garden fences, trailers, workbenches, .... ) .

The machine features built-in Hot start, Arc force and Anti-sticking function.

Hot start: Helps facilitate the start of the weld by increasing the welding current.

Arc Force: Prevents electrodes from sticking to the workpiece and keeps the welding arc stable. This is a useful function for novice welders.
Should the electrodes still stick to the workpiece, it is easy to remove thanks to the built-in anti-sticking function.

Electrodes with diameters 1.6mm - 2.0mm - 2.5mm - 3.25mm and 4.0mm can be used.

The device is easy to adjust via the power control knob. The digital display makes it possible to show both the set amperage and the actual amperage during welding. Via the selector switch on the machine, you can choose between MMA welding and TIG welding (lift-tig).

MMA is a very versatile welding process that can be used for many applications. Because MMA welding is a relatively easy process to learn, it is also suitable for people with little or no welding experience.

MMA welding

Lift TIG welding

If you wish to do occasional DC TIG welding, you can also use the XTS 204MMA for this purpose. By fitting a TIG torch and connecting the correct shielding gas, you can start TIG welding steel and stainless steel.  The TIG torch and the shielding gas are always available as options.

The type of TIG torch that can be used with the machine is a WP17V (with tap) in 4 or 8 metres length.

The XTS 204MMA uses the Lift-TIG function, this helps protect the tungsten electrodes at the start of TIG welding. Place the tungsten needle at a 70° angle on the workpiece and move the tig torch so that it is perpendicular to the workpiece. Gently remove the tungsten needle from the workpiece and the welding arc will start. Lift-TIG protects the tungsten electrodes when starting TIG welding.

(Note: You will need to clean the tungsten often, as you will pull dirt from the material into the tungsten with it when starting the arc with Lift Tig).