Parweld XTT 207DV-P


Parweld XTT207DV-P

DC Output

The XTT 207DV has a DC output and is suitable for welding alloyed, unalloyed steel, stainless steel and titanium.
TIG mode – materials up to 6 mm can be welded.
MMA mode – electrodes up to 4.8mm can be used.
TIG welding
The XTT207DV is suitable for TIG welding of steel and stainless steel using the HF start circuit.
Adjustable current pulsing ensures less heat input and increased penetration.


The XTT207DV can be used with a power group and can handle a voltage fluctuation of +/- 15%.
The machine is housed in a housing with an integrated carrying handle.

Parweld XTT207DV-P

Main features
Duo voltage 1 x 110/240V
Lightweight 8kg
200A @ 35% duty cycle
User friendly
TIG welding of steel and stainless steel up to 6mm
Adjustable TIG parameters
Pulse function for superior arc control
3-metre welding and earth cable included
Adjustable down slope (TIG mode)
Connection 35-50mm dinze
2 year carry-in warranty

Includes a 4-metre type 17 welding torch and a 3-metre earth cable.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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