Parweld XTT 212P ACDC


Parweld XTT 212P AC/DC Pulse TIG Inverter

Duo Voltage
All TIG functions in 1 portable welding machine.
The machine works on 1 x 110V, as well as on 1 x 240V (+/- 15%).

Built according to the new standards.
Lightweight machine of only 12kg.
Easy to move from job to job with carrying handle and carrying strap.
Thermally controlled fan.
Reduction of noise: when the machine is not used, the fan falls silent.
Less chance of attracting dust and grinding dust because the fan stops running when the machine is not used.
Protection window for the control panel.

General Features:

-Full-featured TIG AC/DC welding machine for professional use.
-All functions for TIG welding in 1 machine
-Lightweight of 12kg
-Dual voltage works on 110V (32A T fuse) and 240V (16A T fuse)
-Quick connection for gas hose
-35/50 connection couplings for perfect current transfer
-Welding of all steels, stainless steel, titanium and aluminum.
-MMA welding electrodes up to 6.0 mm can be used.

Foot pedal also available for only €130,- EX:

New Parweld XTT212P ACDC

The Parweld XTT212P is ideal for:

Light industrial production
Heavy production work
Schools / trainings
Sheet metal working
Work on site

In this machine package: Parweld XTT212P AC/DC with primary plug - 3 meter ground cable - Gas hose - Pro-Grip Max® 26 - 8 meter welding torch - Dutch manual online - CE certificate - 2 Year Carry in Warranty

Features of the Parweld: Square Wave AC TIG mode -Variable AC frequency -Variable pulse frequency -HF arc start -Digital control -Adjustable down slope (TIG) -Generator friendly -2 year factory warranty

A few options that are on the machine:

Gas for flow (pre-flow)
Starting current (works only with 4T)
Main stream
Final flow (works only with 4T)
Gas post flow
Pulse welding
For aluminum welding, setting the AC balance and AC frequency is possible.

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Additional information

Weight 20 kg