SIA Flap discs Grit 40 125×22,23mm


SIA flap disc grit 40 per 10 pcs.

SIA Flap discs grit 40 125 x 22,23mm / Box of 10

2824 Siaflap
Grit 40
Dust hole 0 STG
Arbor hole: 22.23mm
Diameter: 125mm
Disc to be mounted on angle grinder.
Flexible blades for machining complex parts.
Max. 12250 TPM
80 m/s Max.

Price is EX VAT and per 10 pieces.

Quality 2824 Siaflap
Grit 40
Dust hole 0 STG
Hole 22mm
Diameter 125mm

These SIA flap discs grit 40 are standard grit 40 flap discs for deburring and removing material.

We have several of these in stock.

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