Speedglas Type 100

 243,15 280,66

Weight 465 g
Field of view welding filter / visor 44 x 93 mm.
Switching time (light/dark) 0.1 ms (+23°C)
UV / IR protection Colour 12 (fixed)
Light mode Colour 3
ADF (Automatic Darkness Filter) Darkness Colour 8-12 (variable)
Battery type ADF: Lithium 3V
Battery life ADF up to 1500 hours


The Speedglas Type 100 V filter has five user-adjustable colours 8-12 and the light colour 3. The filter also has three sensitivity levels: a normal setting used for most welding applications (both indoors and outdoors), a setting for when other welders are working nearby and a setting for low-power arc welding or stable arc welding (e.g. TIG). Suitable for most welding processes, such as electrode welding (MMA), MIG/MAG and many TIG applications (> 20 Amps). Available in black or various designs (also for female welders).

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There are 11 contemporary Speedglas 100 welding helmets with graphic designs, from brightly coloured, tough to challenging. Four designs are specifically designed for the female welder. With a Speedglas 100 Graphics, there is something for everyone!

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Speedglas Type 100

Aces, Blaze, Ice, Motor, Razor Dragon, Skull, Trojan Warrior, Wild & Pink, Xterminator, Zwart


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