Stubby Tig Parts

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Stubby parts for WP/SR 9/20/21 and WP/SR 17/18/26 torches.

If there is anything missing from the list, please let us know and we will add it.

The stubby gas lenses use the same ceramic cups as the SR 9/20/21:

Additional information

Stubby Tig Toorts

10N23G – Klemnippel 1,6mm Gaslens WP/SR 17/18/26, 10N24G – Klemnippel 2,4mm Gaslens WP/SR 17/18/26, 10N25G – Klemnippel 3,2mm Gaslens WP/SR 17/18/26, 18CG20 – Isolatiering Stubby, 45V51 – Gaslens Stubby 1,6mm WP/SR 17/18/26, 45V52 – Gaslens Stubby 2,4mm WP/SR 17/18/26, 45V53 – Gaslens Stubby 3,2mm WP/SR 17/18/26


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