Tico 200E AC/DC


Tico 200E AC/DC

200 Ampere
230 Volt

2/4 Stroke
Pre gas
Post gas
Up slope
Down slope
Start flow
End of current
Balance control
Frequency regulation
Pulse length
Electrode option

Including a 4 meter type 17 torch and 3 meter ground cable.
With this machine you can weld steel, stainless steel and aluminium.


  • Voltage: 230V
    Welding current 35% TIG AC: 10-200 Amps
    Welding current 35% MMA, TIG DC: 5-170 Amperes
    Power-on time 100% TIG/MMA: 120/110A
    Wire feed: 2 rolls drive
    Suitable for: very professional use
    Welding voltage: 10.2 / 18/26.8 Volt
    Degree of protection IP23
    Insulation class: H
    Dimensions: 410 x 146 x 278 mm
    Weight: 7.6 kg

Additional information

Weight 8 kg