Weldkar WK 2025 AC/DC


With a TIG welder you can make not only strong, but also beautiful welded connections for decorative purposes. The range of 25 to 200 ampere makes the welder suitable for welding various material thicknesses. The digital display shows the set parameters at a glance. The pulse function also makes it possible to weld aluminium and thin-walled stainless steel. The 2-stroke/4-stroke switch offers you 2 ways of using the welding torch

Weldkar WK 2025 AC/DC

This 230 Volt portable AC/DC WK TIG inverter has a welding current range up to 200 Amps and a weight of only 21,5 kg.

Thanks to its high power, it can weld aluminium, stainless steel and steel up to 5 mm.

Besides the MMA function for welding coated rutile, basic and stainless steel electrodes up to 3.25 mm, this machine is equipped with a range of settings and adjustments for (Pulse) TIG welding.

Of course, this professional machine has HF ignition, up- and downslope control, 2 - 4 stroke, gas afterflow and pulse frequency control. The latter is indispensable for thin-walled welding. In addition, the WK TIG 2025 AC/DC Pulse has an adjustable current frequency, which improves the penetration and gives an even better control of the weld pool.

Despite the many functions, the simple control panel is clear. In short, the ideal machine for TIG welding on all types of materials, including aluminium.

Also suitable for use on generators with a minimum capacity of 5 kVA. This machine is equipped with a handy carrying handle and a protective cover for the display and is supplied complete with a 4-metre TIG torch WP, 4-metre ground cable with earth terminal, TIG torch parts 2.4 mm and welding cable with electrode holder.

The machine has protection class IP 23 S (splash water proof) and EM

Switch-on time 40°C :

- 200 A (AC) - 25% 170 A (AC) - 25%

- 200 A (DC) - 25% 170 A (DC) - 25%

- 90 A (AC) - 60% 110 A (AC) - 60%

- 110 A (DC) - 60% 110 A (DC) - 60%

- 70 A (AC) - 100% 90 A (AC) - 100%

- 80 A (DC) - 100% 90 A (DC) - 100%

TIG MMA 1-phase power supply: 230V - 50/60Hz
Fuse protection : 16 A (slow blow)
Welding current range min - max : 10 - 200 A (AC) 10 - 170 A (AC) 5 - 200 A (DC) 5 - 170 A (DC)
Setting range run-down time : 0 - 10 sec.
Protection type : IP 23 S
Insulation class : F
European standard : IEC 60974-1
Weight : 21,5 KG
Dimensions (wxdxh) : 240 x 500 x 450 mm


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